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Digitization of Community Seed Bank Services

Mbeu Yedu is currently the only platform in Africa that offers technologies which enables the dispensation of Community Seed Bank (CSB) services through digital means. With Mbeu Yedu, we make it easier for farmers to find their nearest CSB, make contact, view biodiversity registry and utilize the seed borrow/return and/or swap mechanisms. Mebu Yedu supports CSBs in their drive to promote food and nutrition security.

Mbeu Yedu Token

Mbeu Yedu Token is our flagship agricultural commodities tokenization system. Mbeu Yedu utilises Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols, which is a blockchain-based technology that eliminates financial intermediaries and provides agility in farmers’ relationships with customers, suppliers and trading partners and other service providers. Farmers can then use their Mbeu Yedu Tokens in the following ways:

1. Trade them on a traditional commodities exchange

2. Trade them on a cryptocurrency exchange;

3. Pledge them as security for loans with participating MFIs and banks

Mbeu Yedu will bridge the trust deficit in the marketplace for farmers especially among the lesser-known smallholder and rural farmers when it comes to bringing their products and services to the market.

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Mbeu Yedu Token Wallet

Mbeu Yedu Token Wallet is your dedicated wallet where you can access our DLT to store and manage your Mbeu Yedu crypto assets.

Here you can find:

Farmer Wallet – The crypto asset wallet that the producer uses to receive the cryptogram tokens that are generated from the tokenization of their grains.

Merchant Wallet – This is the crypto wallet that belongs to any partner merchant and retail partner that accepts cryptogram as a means of payment.

Service Provider Wallet – This is the crypto wallet that belongs to any participant service provider and that can offer services requiring security backed by Mbeu Yedu Tokens.

Exchange Wallet – This is for all other users who decide to manage the crypto assets generated by Mbeu Yedu. Mbeu Yedu will work closely with most of the exchanges in the global market to ensure the liquidity and trading of its tokens.

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Mbeu Yedu partners with reputable service providers to offer Agricultural value-added services (Agri VAS) which include agronomic information designed to improve farmers’ knowledge of farming practices; market price and marketplace services that match buyers with suppliers of agricultural products; weather forecasts with regional and district-level predictions, and a number of bespoke solutions for farmers such as prepaid services, bill payments and insurance

Mbeu Yedu offers a plethora of value-added services.

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Mbeu Yedu App

Mbeu Yedu App is a mobile-based application that can be downloaded to any compatible mobile device and is available on Android and iOS

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